Learn the Secrets on How to Achieve a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

January 12, 2018

Learn the Secrets on How to Achieve a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit

Let us start the year right by being healthy.  Here are some points to ponder for a positive and bright 2018!

1.    Physical activity – It is essential for our body to have a 20-30 minute exercise at least 4 times a week.  Exercising releases toxins in our body and makes our skin glow. If you think you are too busy at work or school, a 10-minute walk everyday makes a big difference.  Avoid sitting down the whole day at the office. Stretch, walk and drink water. 

2.   Watch your diet – Holidays are over and stop making excuses about your diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday especially now that it’s flu season.  Eat fish or chicken instead of pork or beef.  Some other food options are: fat-free or low-fat milk, oatmeal, dark chocolate and tomatoes.  There are actually more out there you just have to read and explore! 

3.  Think positive – Do you believe that if we think positively, both consciously and subconsciously, we can attract positive things around us? Yes, that is true as the law of attraction states. So spend more time exploring new ideas or focus only on productive thoughts. Here are some positive words that you can tell yourself everyday: “I can do this!”, “I am motivated”, “I will succeed”, “I am good”.  Declaring and claiming this will surely give positive results. Try it! 

4.   Connect with people – Go out for jogging, morning coffees, shopping, or out of town trips with friends and families.  Connect to those people that are of good influence to you.  You may also engage in charitable works like volunteering in feeding programs for cancer patients, performing for a fund-raising event or donating food/clothes to the victims of calamities.  Be a blessing, reach out!

5.    Spiritual connection – To be able to achieve a healthy spirit, we must first  accept, recognize our mistakes and forgive ourselves.  Now, it will be easier for us to forgive others who have wronged us. Be humble at all times and focus more on being happy than being angry!

Having achieved a healthy mind, body and spirit, it is still important to apply for health insurance coverage for you and your family because sickness is inevitable - Paramount Direct offers a protection that provides cash assistance when hospitalized, for as low as Php129.95 per month. 

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