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At Paramount Direct, we aim to provide you with the most convenient ways to fulfill your insurance needs.

Paramount Direct is the direct marketing arm of Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation, an insurance company established in 1950 and licensed with the Insurance Commission of the Philippines.

Our offerings include an extensive list of Health Care Insurance, Life & Accident Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance and Travel Insurance to address the security and protection needs of every Filipino nationwide. We uniquely design each product to fulfill specific needs and deliver the protection straight to you through mail, email and our website.

HealthCare Insurance Plans

Our Health Care insurance products are designed to protect you and your family from financial loss during times of hospital confinement. Cash benefits can help cover the costs of treatment, recovery or loss of income. Plans are available to individuals age 20 to 75 years old.

PrimeCARE Cash Plan Hospital Income Benefit Plan HealthCARE Cash Plan
Eligible Age Ages 50 to 75 Ages 20 to 64 Ages 20 to 50
Payment Period Until Age 80 Until Age 70 10 Years
Coverage Period Until Age 80 Until Age 70 20 Years
Surgical Cash Benefit
Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
Daily ICU Cash Benefit
Dreaded Disesase Benefit
Convalescence Benefit
Inflation Benefit
Waiver of Premium Benefit
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Life & Accident Insurance Plans

Life and Accidental Death Insurance products provide lump sum cash benefits to your beneficiaries in case of an untimely death. Enjoy the security and peace of mind of protecting your family’s future. Our affordable plans are available to individuals age 40 to 75 years old with coverage to 100 years old to protect you during your golden years.

Golden Life Advantage Plan Guaranteed Life Plan
Eligible Age Ages 40 to 75 Ages 40 to 75
Payment Period 10 Years Until Age 85
Coverage Period Until Age 100 Until Age 100
Life Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit
Terminal Illness Benefit
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Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Paramount Direct’s Comprehensive Insurance products combine Health Care Insurance coverage with Life and Accidental Death Insurance coverage to give you the full protection you and your loved ones deserve.

PrimeHealth Cash Plan The Money Shield Plan The Money Shield Plus Plan
Eligible Age Ages 40 to 74 Ages 20 to 54 Ages 20 to 54
Payment Period Until Age 80 10 Years 10 Years
Coverage Period Until Age 80 10 Years 10 Years
Life Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit
Critical Illness Benefit
Medical Assistance Benefit
Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
Inflation Benefit
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