The Genuine Love of Grandparents

March 15, 2019

How close are you to your grandparents? According to scientific research, a high level of grandparental involvement increases the well-being of children.

A Filipino home is known to have extended families living together that’s why most of us grew up with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and even cousins. Our grandparents are usually the ones taking care of the children while both parents are working. That’s why they play a vital role in raising the children.

They don’t just cook or take care of us, they also provide guidance, stability and reassurance for the whole family.

While it is the parents’ obligation to provide and instill values and discipline to their children, grandparents’ role is not just to spoil the kids but to also keep them grounded and share great stories of their childhood where the kids get to learn and appreciate a great deal about their family history.

Grandparents are very patient and loving. They can listen to your neverending stories, answer all your whys, carry you for long hours while putting you to sleep, sing songs you’ve never heard of and play with you tirelessly.

Grandparents are good listeners. You may ask them anything and hare your thoughts even your secrets and you’ll get honest feedback.

Grandparents are selfless. They are always there for you, willing to help you and you seldom hear them complain because your joy is their strength.

Your grandparents never left you when you were little and while growing up, so don’t leave them now that they are getting older. This grandparents’ week, it’s about time to give back the love and appreciation they deserve.

Paramount Direct salutes and recognizes all grandparents. Thus, we have designed two health care products that suit their needs - PrimeCare Cash Plan and Premium HealthCare Plus Plan. Both products provide cash assistance in case they get sick and hospitalized. It lessens the worries and saves your family from future financial burdens.

Grandparents are a treasure. Take care of them while you still can because they will not be around forever.