Stress-Free Tips for First Time Travelers Abroad

April 13, 2018

Visiting another country teaches us many different things about its people, culture, food, language and fashion. It also changes our perspective in life and how we see the world.

As a new traveler you feel excited and at the same time anxious because you don’t know what to expect when you get to your destination.

We have prepared a list of important things to remember before your departure, upon your arrival and during your stay in your chosen country to spend your holiday .

  1. Before Your Departure

  • Research -  Know everything about the country you are going to visit whether they require a visa or not, their customs or medical system. Each country has different laws and practices, like in Singapore, for example, you cannot eat chewing gum or spit anywhere in public. In the Middle East, nodding your head is a sign of disagreement while bowing your head down means you agree.  If you want your vacation to be worthwhile, without any hassle, read up!

  • Prepare - Make a checklist of all the documents that you need for your travel so you won’t miss anything.  Flip through your passport and make sure it’s valid for up to six months from your exit date in the country.

    Some countries require show money which means that you need to submit a bank certificate when you apply for a visa, showing that you have money for your travel and return.

  • Plan - Have an itinerary so you can maximize your vacation.  List down the things you want to see, restaurants and food that you want to try and spots where you want to take your selfies. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries and ensure that your powerbanks are fully charged  so you can always capture all the momentous events and beautiful sceneries with your phones or cameras. It also helps to know which area has a free wifi so you can post those great photos you’ve taken.

  • Budget - Since you have planned for this tour, I’m sure you are also financially prepared.  So, if you have the money to spend, just go and enjoy shopping!

At the airport, here’s what you need to do:

Step1: Pay the travel tax and departure fee - Ideally it is already included when you purchase your ticket.  If not, the check-in agent will assist you regarding this.

Step2: Check-in - Present your ticket and he/she will give your boarding pass.

Step3: Fill-up the Immigration Form/Departure Card - You need to provide the address where you are going to stay in another country.

Step4: Go to the Immigration Booth - The immigration officer will ask your purpose of travel and how long you’re going to stay in the country. Just give simple

answers. You need to convince them that you will go there for a tour and not to look for a job.

Step5: Final security check - Remove all metals and gadgets from your body including shoes. Then proceed to the boarding gate and wait for your flight.

  1. Upon Your Arrival

At the airport, get your checked-in luggage from the baggage carousel or conveyor, proceed to the immigration booth then go to the customs section for luggage inspection. Now, you’re set to enjoy!  While waiting for someone to pick you up at the airport, you can tour around and take pictures. When you get to the hotel or house of a friend/family member take some rest and prepare for your first tour. Bring your passport with you everytime you go out.

  1. During Your Stay

    Wake up early, so you can cover as much items in your itinerary.  You also have to be flexible enough to try the things you haven’t listed down.  Remember there are many things to explore in another country. Have your pen and notebook ready and start jotting down the things that you observe like culture and traditions or new words that you learn as you tour around.

Nothing makes your vacation more enjoyable when you travel with caution.  We don’t know when the unfortunate may happen, so if you are travelling alone or with your family and friends it is essential to have a travel insurance. This provides cover incase something goes wrong with your trip. With Paramount’s Global Travel Protect you can tailor your insurance according to where you are going: Worldwide Travel, Schengen Travel, Asia Travel and Domestic Travel.

Find security in the knowledge that no matter where you are in the world, you have access to the help and support that you need.