Road Safety and Precautions

November 24, 2017


Do you think road accidents can be prevented? For some people, accidents are bound to happen and there is nothing we can do about    them.  No matter how careful you are or how good a driver you think you are, there is a driver out there who may not be as careful or as good as you.  Unfortunately it is true, but there are ways that it can be prevented. 

Here’s how:

1.  Check your car before driving

It is important that you check your car brakes, lights, leaks, coolant, fluids, and oil levels. In short, check your car’s roadworthiness! It is better to be safe than sorry.

2.  Focus

Keep your eyes on the road. Do not use your cellphone, try to change CDs or pick up something on the floor. Those things can wait, but if it is urgent, try to pull over and do the necessary things you need to do.

3.  NEVER drink and drive

Need I say more about this? It’s loud and clear, NEVER (not sometimes) drink and drive.

4.   Be obedient

Follow the traffic rules, road signage and speed limits.  This is not very difficult to do and this can save a lot of lives too.

5.  Stay cool

There are a lot of arrogant and aggressive drivers on the road. IGNORE them! What good it will do anyway if you succumb to that anger.

 6.  Get covered

There’s nothing wrong to be prepared when accidents happen.  Make sure you have a protection like CTPL insurance plan. CTPL pays for expenses incurred as a result of the vehicle owner's causing bodily injury or death to any third party in an accident arising from the use of the insured motor vehicle.