Important Things That an OFW Can Invest Into

October 12, 2018

As an Overseas Filipino Worker, aside from your personal career goals, your reason for working abroad is to support and give a better life for your loved ones in the Philippines. This is the norm and part of the Filipino culture. You work hard to sustain your family’s needs and to have a stable income that can eventually give you a financial freedom when you age and retire. Many choose to retire back home after years of spending their lives abroad. Most of the OFWs want to establish their own business and invest their hard-earned money in the Philippines so they can settle down with peace of mind.

These are the list of ideas you may want to invest your money on as an OFW:


It is the investment that can guarantee an increase in value and doesn’t depreciate in the long-run, unlike other risky investments. An apartment can be a good business, you just need someone you trust to monitor and manage while you’re still working to sustain this business. You may also consider buying a condominium or house and lot and turn it into an Airbnb or just rent it out.


Philippines is a tropical country and we grow fruit and vegetables of any kind, as our land is rich in natural resources. You can buy a parcel of land in your province and grow fruit-bearing trees, vegetables or raise farm animals. This can be a good source of income when you retire from your work.

Small Business

It is easy to put up a business as long as you have the will to make it even bigger and better. Business ideas are everywhere. Food business is always a trend. Putting up a carinderia, restaurant or a food stall in a mall can be an easy start-up venture for you. Attending training and seminars can also help you manage this type of business.


As an OFW, you will never know when you need assistance in case an emergency arise, that’s why getting insurance for yourself and your family is one way of lessening your worries. Find an insurance company that can help you. Paramount Life & General Insurance offers the OFW Compulsory Insurance in an affordable and the most easy way thru  

Travel Agency

Starting-up a travel agency fits an OFW like you. Since we are now in a digital era, the means marketing is so much easier and does not require any huge amount of money. Offering services to travelers like ticket booking, passport/visa assistance or creating a travel itinerary for them is a good way of attracting foreigners to visit our country. You’re also helping our economy grow.

Leaving the country with the hope of a better life is a dream for many. It is attainable if you have the heart and the mindset of a hard-working Filipino. You also need to think in advance and plan for you and your family’s stability and security while you are still able.

And always remember to make the best out of your financial earnings.