How To Deal With Life’s Challenges As a Single Mom

May 4, 2018

Women of any age can become single parents by choice, death of a spouse, annulment or abandonment. Despite the circumstance, a mom has to remain sane, responsible and focus on nurturing your children the best way possible.

Parenting is a difficult task as it is, and doing it alone is doubly hard yet doubly rewarding as well. Seeing your child/ren grow to be healthy, and happy and knowing that it’s all because of you is the best thing for any parent.

We have come up with some ways to help single moms get through this challenging chapter of your life:

  1. Be positive - Whatever the reason is why you’re in that situation, thinking of who’s at fault and putting the blame on anyone is futile.  Instead, focus on yourself and your child/ren. Be a positive influence to them, set a good example and never bad mouth your spouse--regardless of what he did. Leave all the negative behind in the past and put all your energy in this new life you have.

    It will also help if you avoid anything that will make you feel sad -- movies, music, people or even places. No matter how much you try to hide your feelings, your child/ren will know and feel it. You’re they’re mom, they know you in the same way that you know them. . What you and your children need is to believe that as long you have each other, everything’s gonna be okay.

  1. Surround yourself with good people - positive people will be your source of strength when you feel like giving up.  They will motivate you in achieving your goals. You need to have a go-to person or group.  The people who know and understand what you’re going through. The people who will lift you up and say the right words to keep you positive and motivated.  When you think you’re going to have a meltdown, call them, talk on the phone or meet up for a quick coffee. Even a 30-minute distraction will make a huge difference in your mood.

  1. Be financially stable - All parents want a bright future for their children. As a single mother, you know that everything your child/ren needs is on you.  You’re on your own, thus being financially prepared is crucial.
    Take into consideration your retirement, health expenses, child’s education, and saving for a little family vacation which you and your kid deserve.

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