How To Avoid Aids

December 1, 2017

Did you know that as of May 2017, there are *1,098 new cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV infection and mostly are male?  We know that there is no cure (yet) for this virus, so we must be very careful NOT to acquire it.  HIV may be transmitted by certain body fluids such as: blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk and vaginal fluid. To reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, avoid oral, anal or vaginal sex. 

Here are some facts you need to know to avoid having HIV:

Use condom – Make it a habit to practice safe sex especially if you have different partners.  Before engaging to unprotected sex, have an HIV test first. There’s no harm in being cautious.

Do not use/reuse infected needle/syringe – Use new needles or sterile syringes every time. Used needles/syringe MUST be disposed properly after use. 

Reduce exposure to body fluids – If you are a health worker or working in a facility where you are exposed to body fluids, be extra cautious.  Always wear proper protection at work.  Treat all blood as infected.  If some blood splashed on you [especially from an HIV+ patient], consult the doctor right away.

Before making an appointment with a specialist, prepare a list of all your concerns and questions. Be mindful about the symptoms or noticeable changes in your body.

Having been diagnosed with HIV should not stop you from being happy and productive…life goes on.  Although there is no vaccine yet for the said virus, there are medications that slow down the spread of HIV in your body.  With proper knowledge, you can still have a colorful and interesting sex life.

We’ll never know when illness, sickness or disease may strike us but it’s good to be always prepared.  Get an insurance coverage as early as possible. Start while you’re young so that in times like this, it makes you worry less.

We recommend the following insurance plans that are easy on the pocket, yet provide great benefits and coverage:

Golden Life Advantage Plan

Individuals from 40 to 75 years old are eligible to enroll in this product.  Coverage is up to 99 years old and payment period is up to 10 years only.  Premium is very affordable, for as low as Php223.95/month.

Guaranteed Life Plan

If you are from 40 to 75 years old, you may avail this plan.  Coverage is up to age 100 and payment period is until age 85. For as low as Php150.95 per month, your family’s protection is guaranteed. 

For more information about the products, please call Paramount Direct at +632 (772-9264) or email us at [email protected]

Need help? Try calling the following engaged in HIV phone counseling: 

(1)    Remedios AIDS Foundation, Inc.  (RAF)
Contact no: +632 (524-0551) 
(Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9AM-6PM)

     Foundation for Adolescent Development, Inc. (FAD)
Contact numbers: +632 (525-1743); +632 (525-1881)
(Open from Monday to Friday, 9AM-6PM) 
for teens only

Want to volunteer? You may contact:
Aids Society of the Philippines
Contact numbers: +632 (376-2541); +632 (410-0204)


*source: CNN Philippines