Benefits of Breastfeeding

August 18, 2017

Hey Moms! Did you know that breast milk really is the best milk that you can feed your newborn with?

As we celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness Month this August, we listed down some of the benefits that your baby gets when you breastfeed them. Best part? You get some benefits, too!

According to experts, breast milk has nearly the perfect mix of essential vitamins, proteins, antibodies and fat--everything that your baby needs for body and brain development. This “perfect mix” means that breast milk can adapt its composition to meet your newborn baby’s specific needs in order to keep them healthy as they grow.

Also, once you start breastfeeding, you start to burn the extra calories you have gained during your pregnancy. This will help you get back into shape, without a doubt.

Science has also proven that babies digest breast milk faster than any other milk formula, and it is also easier for them to absorb the nutrients from it.

These nutrients lower your baby’s risk of developing different kinds of illnesses such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. While the antibodies that it contains fight off viruses and bacteria that causes colds, and even pneumonia.

These benefits isn’t just for your baby. Breastfeeding helps lower your risk of developing breast cancer or even ovarian cancer. Healthy baby and a healthy Mommy, indeed!

Doctors have also claimed that babies who are breastfed for 6 or more months have fewer hospitalization trips than those who are fed with other milk formulas. This is because breast milk develops your baby’s immune system in a way that no other substance can, according to experts.

Also, you and your baby are also unlikely to become obese. Another healthy benefit--way to go!

Breastfeeding was also associated with children having a higher IQ than that of those who are fed with other milk formulas. Recent studies have shown an increase of up to 7.5 IQ points in children who were breastfed continuously than those who weren’t.

Breastfeeding also helps in developing stronger bones for the baby and for you, the mother! Research claims that women who breastfed for an ample or long time have lower risk of osteoporosis.

Being a mom, it would be hard to get rid of that part of you who still worries for your children’s health and safety no matter what. That’s why it’s best to apply for a hospitalization plan that provides coverage for your whole family, including your newborn! This will take care of your hospital bills should any of the family member gets confined.

Knowing all these, it’s fair to conclude that a mother’s love is the best protection, indeed!