A Mother's Love

May 12, 2017

Amidst the tall buildings of Makati are old and shanty homes, three-storey houses turned into dormitories, sari-sari stores, jollijeeps, carinderias, and the famous Nanay Linda’s tailoring shop.

Nanay Linda is a single mother of a cute little baby girl named Sara. She was widowed when her husband died from a fire that burned down their entire compound, including the small tailoring shop that she and her husband put up. After the tragic fire, they had nowhere to go, had one set of clothing and had very little to eat (if lucky enough).

Every day, Nanay Linda went begging to buy milk and clothes for Sara and protect her from the cold nights on the streets, but some people seem to be very busy that they can’t even look at her.

Days have passed, and the routine went on.

All she saw were busy people and tall buildings.

All she felt were hunger and exhaustion.

All she heard were noisy vehicles and her baby’s cry.

And that was when she told herself, “this can’t go on forever,” while staring at her precious little angel, Sara, who was wearing the same old clothes she wore on that tragic night. “I am a seamstress yet I can’t even give my daughter proper clothing,” she cried.

That’s when she decided to work by taking odd jobs in the neighborhood. She worked really hard--from cleaning every room of the dormitories, washing clothes of some of the tenants, to collecting bottles, boxes and newspapers to sell at junk shops. From these earnings, they were able to rent and live in a very small place and Nanay Linda was able to put Sara to the nearest public school. Seeing how hard working Nanay Linda was, her clients were more than willing to help them in any way they can, like giving old books and school supplies to Sara or clothes to both mom and daughter.

This is how their life was for more than ten years and everything went well until Sara had to go to college.

With the daily cost of living, rent, bills and Sara’s school expenses, Nanay Linda never thought of giving up. Every morning, she wakes up thinking about her daughter’s future, not wanting her to experience the kind of life that she had and that’s what drove and motivated her to work harder than anyone could.

One day, after a whole day’s work, Nanay Linda felt so depressed and worried that all the odd jobs and savings are not enough to put Sara to college. But later that day, when Sara got home, she surprised her mom with a scholarship program at an honorable university which she worked so hard for. Nanay Linda had no clue that Sara applied for such scholarship and when her daughter handed her the certificate, she couldn’t contain her happiness and tears just flowed right down her face. Sara, too, was crying thinking of all the hardships that they’ve been through, while profusely thanking her mom for everything that she has done for her, and how she can’t be where she is if it weren’t for her mother’s unconditional love.

Time has passed, and with the help of her daughter, Nanay Linda was able to continue doing her passion which is being a seamstress. Sara was able to put up a small tailor shop for her Mom and do what she loves the most.

Sara graduated with honors and is now working at a reputable company in Makati and Sara never fails to show her mother how grateful she is for her sacrifices, efforts, and hard work just to live the life that she has right now.

As for Nanay Linda, she knows that Sara will someday be a good mother just like what she was and is to her daughter. Seeing where Sara is now, she knows that all the sleepless nights, hunger, hardships and tears are worth it. As difficult as it may seem and perhaps hard for us to understand, Nanay Linda still wouldn’t want to change anything in her life except maybe to have her husband beside her again.

Nanay Linda is just a mere example of an ever loving and selfless Mom. Some Moms have it easier or some might have gone through and survived a more difficult situation. No matter the circumstance, we know that being a mother is the hardest yet the most rewarding and fulfilling experience. So this Mother’s Day, make your own Nanay Linda feel appreciated for all the sacrifices she has done and the unconditional love she has given you.

For others, your own Nanay Linda may not be the one who gave birth to you but she has definitely loved and took care of you like her own. Don’t just greet, treat or give her gifts, embrace and thank her for being the best Mom that she is and can be.

Nanay, Mommy, Tita, Mama, Inang, Lola, Mamita, Auntie, and Ninang, thank you po and Happy Mother’s Day.