7 Ways on How to Make the Philippines a Better Place

August 25, 2017

Our national heroes fought bravely and selflessly to make our country a better place for all the Filipinos.

As we celebrate National Heroes Day this 28th of August, remember to give respect and honor them in any way you can. Worry not, you wouldn’t have to shed your blood like they did just to do so. How? To help you out, here are some little good deeds that you can do:

1. Use your vote

Your voice matters. You may not know how much of an impact your voice would make, it’s important to voice out your choices and fight for what you believe in. You don’t need to participate in rallies or other movements but make sure to do whatever it takes to make your voice be heard, such as voting. Remember that as a Filipino Citizen, we have the power to choose a leader that will make this country a better place, so don’t waste it!

2. Abide by the law

The law should be able to bring peace and unity to a country by maintaining order. Abide by the law and follow even the simplest rules and regulations. After all, change starts within ourselves. Like what we always hear, be the change you want to see. Little by little, these differences will have a great impact not just to you, but also to the people surrounding you and to the place that you live in.

3. Set a good example to others, especially to the children

Our national hero once said that the youth is our country’s future. However, they seem to be easily influenced by anything--whether good or bad. That’s why, as an adult, you must set a good example to start molding them into becoming a good citizen while they are young. You are one of those who they look up to--so your actions and your words have a huge impact in shaping their personality and attitude. Who knows, they could be one of our future leaders who will bring change (a good one) to our country, right?

4. Support local products and crafts

Filipinos are world-class artists and crafters (yes, we claim it!) so it wouldn’t be hard for you to support their crafts. Doing this will not just help the locals earn money for their everyday living, but this also helps improve our economy. Support them by buying items that are locally made and also, the native’s souvenirs or specialties when you travel. You can also make it a habit to watch Filipino indie movies in cinemas (not on the internet!), or even listen to OPMs (don’t buy pirated copies!).

5. Opt to walk or take public transportations

We understand how convenient it is when you drive your own car going to work or school, but private vehicles make the traffic worse than it already is. It’s economical to just walk or to use public transportation to get to one place to another. Trust us when we say that this is beneficial for the country’s economy, and your physical health.

6. Protect the environment

Protecting the environment doesn’t have to cost you a lot of effort--it’s as easy as conserving water and electricity, segregating biodegradable waste to non-biodegradable (and not littering!), recycling materials, and using eco-friendly products. You can also participate in planting trees in your neighborhood or better, start a new hobby such as growing plants in your backyard.

7. Practice patriotism

Patriotism is all about loving your country which shouldn’t be hard for you--the Philippines is a very beautiful country! It shouldn’t be hard for you to brag and be proud of our natural resources, rich heritage, and history. Not to mention several mesmerizing tourist spots that are literally heaven on earth! Also, Filipinos are known for being very hospitable and accommodating which makes visitors around the world come back for more. There are so many things about the Philippines that you can be proud about, appreciate and love it!