5 Secrets to a Happier Family

August 11, 2017

1. Always eat together.

As the saying goes, the family that eats together stays together.

Although busy schedules make it harder to have a “family dinner,” this is one of the secrets to having a happy and harmonious relationship with your family. Simple, right? This provides the opportunity to bond, connect and learn from one another. It can also help ease the day-to-day conflicts and build memories especially if you have little kids.

Should your weekday schedules don’t meet, you can still spend the weekends at home. Go and watch movies, play board games, bake cupcakes, help out in doing chores or redesign your home--anything will do, as long as you’re all doing it together.

2. Learn to communicate.

Communication and understanding are the keys to having a healthy relationship. It’s important to exchange stories among the family members, talk about certain problems, and address some concerns--especially family-wise ones. This builds trust among each other by being transparent.

In addition to this, communicating improves your relationship with them by knowing who they really are--hobbies, dreams, goals, problems, dilemmas, everything. Being knowledgeable about these will help you know how to approach and how to deal with them no matter what circumstance you all might get in.

3. Observe work and life balance.

For the working adults of the house, it’s important that you learn the right balance of work and play. Working overtime may give you additional pay but this will also give you lost time with your family. You get to miss out milestones especially of the little kids and these are moments that you will never get back.

Part of a balanced life is having a weekly tradition with your family. Set a specific day or time of the week that is solely for them. The key is you have to be consistent and this day should be sacred, which essentially means you should never make any plans that do not involve your family. This will also give them something to look forward to after a very hectic week.

4. Practice discipline.

It might be simple, but it can get difficult. Remember to always remind everyone about discipline while they are at school, at work or at home, while playing, eating, doing chores, or even about saving money. It’s important that each member practice discipline in everything they do because this is what builds up their attitude.

With that being said, encourage them to save or invest money so they are prepared should there be an emergency situation. Investments shouldn’t have to be expensive. You and your loved ones could apply for an affordable insurance plan that provides protection for your financial stability. Monthly premiums start at just P379, what holds you back?

5. Protect each other.

It’s important for each member of the family to look after each other to ensure the wellness of their being. Remember that it is your family who got your back no matter what happens. So, cook their meals to ensure what they eat is healthy, walk or drive them to school to ensure their safety, and secure the whole family’s financial stability should an emergency happen.

You can make this possible by applying for a hospitalization plan that gives coverage to your whole family. This will provide financial assistance should a member be hospitalized. Some insurance plans with family coverage don’t cost much, so you wouldn’t have to worry about tightening your budget.