5 Habits That Destroy Your Health Unconsciously

July 6, 2018

Everyday you do your daily routine such as taking a bath, brushing your teeth, eating a well-balanced meal and a lot more. But did you know that there are habits that are ruining your health? Learn more and take control of your health:

  1. Drinking diet soda - If you think a “diet” soda will help you lose weight then, you are wrong. Yes, it does not have calories but it contains toxic chemicals that may cause health problems later on like headache, diabetes, weaker bones or even weight gain.

    Instead of drinking soda, just take water or all natural juices.

  1. Using plastic containers - We know that plastic containers are more convenient when preparing food. It comes in different shapes, colors, sizes and kinds.  Manufacturers even came up with those that are BPA-free which are supposed to be safe to use but reality is, it’s not.. All plastics are not safe. The toxic compounds in plastic that can contaminate your food may cause you cancer, heart disease, infertility and many other health problems. So, if you are bringing food for baon use glass containers instead.

  1. Drinking frappuccino everyday - Are you the type of person who couldn’t last a day without having a cup of frappuccino? Daily consumption of this can make you diabetic because it is high in sugar and the chemical they used to keep you awake may have a bad effect on your brain in the long run. So, if you can’t avoid it just drink in moderation.

  1. Watching TV for long hours - Sitting for a long period of time can make you a couch potato and may lead to obesity  because you tend to snack more on junk food than fruits and vegetables. Stand and walk around to let your blood circulate normally. Better yet, set a time limit for watching tv.

  1. Using electronic gadgets in bed - Gadgets already become a huge part of people’s lives. Sometimes, even at bedtime when you try to get some sleep, you use your mobile phone.. Did you know that this habit could not only affect your eyes but your brain as well and instead of making you feel sleepy,  it could actually keep you more awake? The blue light coming from your mobile phone suppresses melatonin - a natural hormone that is situated just above the middle brain. It acts as your internal body clock and is also responsible for making you fall asleep.

    To get a sound sleep, play relaxing music and turn off the lights.

Many people want to live healthy and may not envision themselves becoming seriously ill. Should this happen, your family and finances will greatly suffer, so it is best to be prepared.

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