4 Tips to Reduce Your Risk of Getting Diabetes

September 14, 2018

Diabetes is a disease that exhibits the inability of the body to make proper use of glucose (a form of sugar) that is broken down from the food you eat to sustain the energy you need throughout the day.

This inability is caused by low or non production of insulin--the regulator of your blood sugar levels.

Diabetes has two types: type 1 and type 2. Although type 1 cannot be prevented, you can still protect yourself from being diagnosed with type 2. To help you out, here are some tips to reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes:

1. Eat healthy

One of the best feelings in the world is to feel full but full is far different but being too full as the latter can bring dangers to your health. It was claimed by the physicians that eating too much of any food (not just sweets!) causes diabetes. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy diet and control your eating habit. Munch on some whole grains and high fiber food to help you feel full and improve your blood sugar control.

It’s best to include these food in your diet: fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and bread or cereals made with whole grain; and lessen intake of sugary food and drinks, white rice, and refined grains. It will be kinda hard if you are a Filipino who loves eating white rice at any meal even breakfast, but prevention is always better than cure!

2. Get involved in any physical activity

We understand that it takes a lot of strength of both mind and body to get out of your comfy bed specially on weekends, but trust us, lack of exercise and physical activity can lead to many hard to cure diseases, including diabetes. That’s why it is important to exercise regularly as this will help you reduce the excess sugar in your blood and improve your insulin sensitivity, Global Diabetes Community explained.

3. Lose some weight

While doing the first two tips may help you shed those extra pounds, it is still important to maintain and keep track of your weight. In a research conducted in 2016 a group of people used as test subjects were asked to make an effort to lose at least 7% of their initial weight and maintain it at a healthy level. Surprisingly, it resulted to cutting off 60% of risk in developing type 2 diabetes. Conclusion, losing weight is equal to losing the risk.

4. Quit smoking

While smoking is linked to numerous critical and terminal diseases, studies have claimed that this dangerous habit is the cause of 14% of diabetes cases. It was explained by HealthWise Incorporated that during smoking, your body becomes less able to respond to insulin, making your blood sugar rise. Not only that, but also those who surround you while you smoke or the so-called secondhand smokers are being put into a risk, as well.

To help you out, try reducing the number of cigarette sticks you light each day. Although many smokers have claimed how hard it is to ditch this nasty habit, keep in mind that doing so adds another day into your lifetime. And that means more time to spend with your lovies!

Now that you already know what to do to reduce your risk of having type 2 diabetes, consider getting further protection through a hospitalization plan. Remember that some sickness are inevitable, so it’s best to be prepared financially as well to keep your health at its peak.